A landscape plan is required to be included in the building package submitted for design review.  The plan should clearly indicate the extent of landscaping on all four sides of the dwelling.  Site drainage should be indicated.

Corner lots will have all fronting sides treated as the front yard of the property.

If a lot has a rear yard along a street or lane that serves as the frontage for neighbouring lots, the back yard shall be treated as the front yard of the property.

The front yard landscaping must be completed within ninety (90) days after the substantial completion of the home, weather conditions permitting. 

A minimum of one (1) tree is required to be planted in the front yard.  If the mature growth of the tree is less than six (6) feet in diameter then two (2) trees will be required in the front yard.  In this case, one tree shall be deciduous and one tree shall be evergreen.  No tree shall exceed a maximum height of twenty five (25) feet upon mature growth. Please refer to the included  “Small Trees for Small Places” addendum for suggested tree types.

Turf is to be used where possible.

All services excluding water isolation valves (sewer inspection chambers, plumbing cleanouts etc) must be housed within an appropriate brooks box and lid.

Owners covenant to maintain landscaping in such a way as to not impede neighbouring property views.