Building Siting

No dwelling thereon nor any appurtenance thereto shall be designed or sited otherwise than in accordance with and in compliance with the provisions of these mandatory development controls.  Consultant referred to in this document means that approved authority appointed by Kirschner Mountain.

No building shall be sited otherwise than in accordance with the requirements registered by the developer, or additional requirements of the Consultant , who has, in their sole discretion, the authority to:

  • Increase the front yard setback provided that no portion of the dwelling contravenes the by-law requirements.
  • Vary the rear yard setback provided there will be no infringements of privacy for adjacent lots, the views of identified view lots are not affected, and no servicing problem will be encountered by any such variation.

Common driveways may be incorporated to avoid disturbance of existing natural front yard grade and vegetation.  Common driveways defined and registered as easements will enable a legal common         driveway configuration.

Drainage protection is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

The consultant shall approve vegetation disturbance including the removal of trees.