Site Guidelines


A landscape plan is required to be included in the building package submitted for design review.  The plan should clearly indicate the extent of landscaping on all four sides of the dwelling.  Site drainage should be indicated.

Corner lots will have all fronting sides treated as the front yard of the property.

If a lot has a rear yard along a street or lane that serves as the frontage for neighbouring lots, the back yard shall be treated as the front yard of the property.

Screening & Fencing

All oversized vehicles, recreational vehicles, travel trailers and boats must be parked on the side of the house and behind the front face of the house.  No exceptions are permitted.  Screening must be provided between the parked vehicle and the adjacent lot.  Screening must be a minimum of four (4) feet at time of installation if landscaped.  Screening must be a minimum of six (6) feet if fenced.  Only solid fencing is permitted.  Screening specific fencing must be appropriately maintained at all times on both sides of the fence at owner’s expense unless otherwise agreed upon by adjacent l

Detached Garages & Shed

Detached Garages

No detached garages are allowed except for on Lots 5, 6, 7 and 8.  Any detached garage shall be designed and sited to be clearly secondary to the principle dwelling.  Detached garage must appear to be “built-in” to the land thus no detached garage floor will be on grade with the street it fronts.  The garage must be oriented so that garage door is perpendicular to the street.   Only one garage door is permitted and may be no wider than ten (10) feet. 

Building Siting

No dwelling thereon nor any appurtenance thereto shall be designed or sited otherwise than in accordance with and in compliance with the provisions of these mandatory development controls.  Consultant referred to in this document means that approved authority appointed by Kirschner Mountain.

No building shall be sited otherwise than in accordance with the requirements registered by the developer, or additional requirements of the Consultant , who has, in their sole discretion, the authority to:

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