Architectural approvals will be done  on a committee basis, referred to as “consultant” throughout the design guideline manual.   Owners are responsible for keeping their sites clean and tidy throughout the entire construction process.

Design Review

One full size (24”X36”) and two 11”X17” hard copies must be submitted for review.   Hand drawings will not be accepted.  A copy of the submission package in PDF format is also required.

The purchaser acknowledges and agrees to pay, at closing, a Building and Landscape Compliance Deposit in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) in cash or by way of an annual renewable Letter of Credit provided by a Canadian financial institution and in a form acceptable to the vendor.  The Building and Landscape Compliance Deposit ensures that the structure and landscaping are built and finished in accordance with the plans and designs approved by the Kirschner Mountain Consultant and to ensure the repair of any damages to adjacent properties or Kirschner Mountain infrastructure caused by the development of the Purchaser’s property.  Amendments to the plans and/or designs of any kind are to be approved by the Kirschner Mountain Consultant in advance.  In addition to design compliance to these Architectural Design Guidelines, the approvals are necessary to ensure the integrity of the design is not in conflict with neighbouring structures and/or the streetscape.  The Building and Landscaping Compliance Deposit will be returned to the Purchaser upon successful final compliance inspection and consultant sign-off.

A combination of a $750.00 design review fee and $450.00 inspections fee will be required at this time.  If drawings fail to meet design guidelines,  additional fees may apply for each subsequent design review until drawings comply with requirements.

Drawings can be submitted to the City of Kelowna for building permit once sign-off approval from consultant has been obtained.

Three inspections will be made by the consultant throughout the construction process.

Inspection #1:  When exterior finishes have been applied.  Exterior finish must match submitted and approved drawings unless otherwise approved by consultant prior to applying the exterior finishes.

              Interim Inspection Fee - $250.00/inspection  ($250.00 of the $450.00 inspections fee)

Inspection #2:  When landscaping is completed.  Landscape must match landscape plan submitted and approved by consultant unless otherwise approved by consultant prior to landscaping.

Final Inspection Fee – $200.00/inspection